budapest tour guide
budapest tour guide

About Me

I was born and grew up during communism and I started my adult life around the fall of the old regime. I have a degree in Economics and besides being a Hungary and Budapest tour guide I am a private tutor of English. I speak English, Italian and German.
I consider myself lucky for having this very exciting opportunity to experience the difference between the two systems and see the changes it makes in economy, society and in private life of people.
Mosts guests of mine are interested in these things and I like sharing my experience and answering questions. I truly believe that this is the way how you can get to know a country, a nation, a city.
Besides showing you Budapest most beautiful buildings and places, speaking about history, culture and traditions, my goal is to make you understand the Hungarian soul. I would like to give you an insight into our lives.
I love Budapest and I love being a tour guide, honestly my job is my passion. I like meeting new people and I make friends very easily. There are different types of guides. I am the right person for you if you prefer informal style. I am a passionate person and I love joking.
With three grown up sons, I have enough experience, so don’t worry if you come with children of any age. We will find the way to tailor the tour to the needs of everyone.