Most of us don’t cook on a daily basis while we’re on a vacation and I think this is a good thing. This way you can have more time to enjoy the scenery, to rest and to have fun. Also, you can dive into the culinary side of the holiday as well and try different restaurants and of course the famous national dishes. But the question still remains: where to eat in Budapest? Let me recommend some places to you.

Traditional Hungaraian food

I think you know what I would like to start with. Probably you heard about the world famous Gulyás (Goulash) soup and would like to try this Hungarian specialty while you’re visiting Budapest. Thankfully there are quite a few places to eat traditional Goulash here in the heart of Hungary. But I hope that you don’t think we only have Goulash here, there are way more classic Hungarian dishes to be tried, that you will want to come back for long after your holiday ended.
I’m sure either one of these recommendations will satisfy your crave for delicious Hungarian food.
First let’s take a look at Bestia. No, this is not an Italian name for a Hungarian restaurant, Bestia means Beast in Hungarian and after taking a look at their food you will know why the owners gave it to the restaurant. Of course, its menu starts with Goulash, but it has a
wide selection of foods, with everything that you can wish for. They also offer you a great beer selection as well, which includes Hungarian, foreign and draft beers to choose from.
Another option if you would like to eat great Goulash is Getto Gulyas. I know right? A restaurant with Goulash in its name must have great Hungarian food. And they absolutely do. However, they also serve a lot of traditional Hungarian dishes, so you don’t have to opt
for Goulash if you don’t want to and you can still leave with a full stomach and a warm heart for the place. Just take a look at the restaurant’s Tripadvisor page and you’ll know, when you’re in Budapest you must visit this joint.

Street food

Of course, street food has its place in this article, why wouldn’t it? Budapest has a lot of street food corners with some of the best dishes that you can eat on the go.
If you’re in for a great Burger you must try Zing or Bamba Marha, which in my opinion are the two best places in Budapest to grab a real juicy Burger. You can find both of them in various locations through Budapest. If I had to choose between these restaurants I would choose Bamba Marha, but some people like Zing better so of you would like to decide for yourself you may have to try both.
Enough of burgers, let’s take a look at some pasta places. Well mainly one, Pasta. . Spelled as Pasta-dot (yes, that’s an actual dot in the place’s name) they offer 4 kinds of pasta with a menu every day. It’s simple, and the food tastes good enough for a 3$ meal. The founders also have another restaurant called Leves. (soup-dot) which operates with the same logic and offers 4 kinds of soups with an ever changing menu.

Asian food

If you’re into Asian food, mainly soups like ramen and pho you must try Ramenka, which serves traditional Japanese ramen. The interior of the restaurant also makes you feel like you’re going to eat some authentic Japanese food and the dish lives up to the expectations.
Oh, you’re more into pho? Let me tell you about Hai Nam, where you can find really tasty Vietnamese food. Beware though, a lot of people know about this place and the interior is relatively small, so you might have to wait a little to be seated, but it’s worth your time.