The nightlife in Budapest may not be the same as in Ibiza, nor as in Berlin, but I think those are not what you seek when you come here. If you would really like to experience the limitless parties you would have landed in Ibiza, not in Budapest. Here you would probably want to receive a full city tourism package: going around Budapest in the day visiting lots of places and by night, when you’re tired of sightseeing you might be in for chilling a bit, maybe having a drink in some bars, visiting one of the beautiful parks of Budapest, or if you’re lucky you can even visit a wine festival, if there is one.

First of all, if you’re going to head straight into the Budapest nightlife you need to decide how much energy you have left. Did you rest all day and you feel like you can move mountains or you’re so tired of sightseeing that you can’t even raise an arm? Don’t worry, I have solutions for both cases.

If you’re full of energy

Okay, you fell like you’re ready to rock this city and not just enjoy the Budapest nightlife, but become it.

If so I highly suggest you visiting Budapest Park, which is a great venue for music lovers. With its 11.000 square meters this place offers limitless fun with concerts and DJs each day from April to October. Well, it should be as Budapest Park advertises itself as a permanent festival venue. Trust me, if you’d like to dance to some music, or just have fun and blast some energy to some music, this is the right place for you.

Another great option is going for a boat party, where you can get on a cruise ship and go on a 2-hour boozy adventure on the Danube. Don’t worry, it’s totally safe, you can enjoy the sights of Budapest at night, while dancing and enjoying yourself. If you think that when the boat trip is over they don’t care about you anymore you’re wrong, that was just the beginning. Usually the organizers show you great bars and clubs after the trip, so don’t worry, they have your back.

If you’re more into a chill experience

There are a lot of places where you can just relax and enjoy yourself at your own pace in the Budapest nightlife.

If you would like to have a drink in a chill and beautiful environment you may want to visit Raqpuart. This bar/terrace is located just beside the famous Chain Bridge, so there won’t be any problem with the view. With soft music and a great wine selection you will have one of the best chill experiences of your life.

Another great option is having a picnic in one of the best parks of Budapest. I suggest you taking a look at Városliget, Deak Square and Margharet Island. Each of these is a great location to grab a blanket, some food and drinks and just talk through the night. Usually nights don’t get that cold in the summer in Budapest, but you may want to bring a sweater with you to these picnics.

You may want to see a movie, but you don’t have to just choose between the classic cinemas. There is a Rooftop Cinema in Budapest, where you can see classics and even new movies in an amazing environment.

Last, but not least you can choose one of the many great bars in Budapest. If you’d like to opt for an open space bar you may want to take a look at Akvárium club, which has a great outdoor terrace and usually has concerts as well.

If you like old things you must visit a ruin bar, like Szipla, Fogas, etc. You can read more about ruin pubs and why you should visit them in this article, that I wrote.

Or if you find neither of these appealing you can just opt for any pub in Budapest or just take a walk in this amazing city.