In Budapest hotels can be found all over the town.There is such a wide range of hotels in Budapest that everyone can find the one which fits their needs. Depending on your criterias choose from  – luxury hotels, boutique hotels or budget hotels. What problems can occure in choosing the right hotel in Budapest? Let me tell you what my guests complained about to help you to avoid it.

Where is the hotel?

Most of my guests are satisfied with the quality of the Budapest hotels they stay in. What causes problem sometimes is the location. Especially if you have limited time (as most people do) to visit the city – it is essential to choose the right location. Which is the perfect place for you? It depends, of course, on your needs and travel habits.
Answering these questions can help: Do you prefer a calm, quiet neighbourhood at night on Buda Castle Hill or prefer being near the lively night life in downtown Pest?

budapest taxi
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Is it OK to take a taxi to everywhere or would you like to have the sights of your interest in walking distance or easily reachable by public transportation? Would you like to admire the wonderfully illuminated riverside every night? If you are in doubt, send me a message before booking your hotel.

Which part of the city should you avoid?

Hotels show on their websites pictures of the rooms, lobby, restaurant – and usually you can trust that you will find what you see in the pictures. In case of some hotels the neighbourhood can cause disappointment. In most big cities, the neighbourhood of railway stations is not the best. It’s not different in Budapest either.
Fortunately Budapest is a pretty safe city but some areas outside the big ring (great boulvard) are not too pleasant.

szökőkút budapesten

Buda or Pest?

It is said that there are two types of people in Budapest: those who live in Buda and those who would like to live there. It is a bit different if you are in the city for a short visit. I would not like to discourage anyone from staying in Buda but from a lot of respects Pest is more practical if you are a tourist.
If you need help or have questions, drop me a line.