Jewish Budapest half day tour

What to expect?

On our Jewish Budapest tour we discover together the neighbourhood which is also called the Jewish triangle referring to the three most significant synagouges. You will learn about the history of Jews in Hungary. The old Jewish quarter of Pest is a lively residential area to this day and also a historical memento. I show you how history and present modern life are interwined.


4 hours minivan or walking* tour


minivan tour up to 4 people: 52000 HUF or 175 EUR + entrance fees
walking tour: 32000 HUF or 105 EUR + entrance fees + public transport cost

(for a group of more than 4 people please contact me for a quotation)

Highlights visited on the tour:

Great Synagouge in Dohany street*

Jewish museume

Jewish cemetery

Raul Wallenberg memorial garden

Tree of Life holocaust memorial

Rumbach synagogue

Ortodox Synagouge in Kazinczy street

Carl Lutz memorial

Stumbling stones in the Jewish quarter

Gozsdu courtyard

Shoes on the Danube promenade holocaust memorial

*from 2016 in the Dohany street synagouge only the synagouge’s own guides are allowed to guide, so you will join a group inside the synagouge.

Is this the perfect tour for you?

YES, if you are interested in Jewish history and culture.

YES, if you want to have a deeper insight into Jewish heritage of Budapest and have time to book more tours

My tours are always tailored to your needs and interest so do not hesitate to let me know your special request when you contact me.

Detailed description

Jewish Budapest – the term covers, on the one hand, the life of today’s Jewish population of Budapest, on the other hand, the district of the city that witnessed good times, prosperity and dark times alike.
On our Jewish Budapest tour we discover together the neighbourhood which is also called Jewish triangle referring to the three most significant synagouges, the Great Synagouge in Dohány street (active synagogue), the Rumbach Synagouge (not active but visitable) and the Ortodox Synagogue in Kazinczy street (active synagogue).
We visit all the three synagouges. The world second largest Jewish temple is the Dohány street synagouge with the Jewish museum, and the Raul Wallenberg memorial garden. I will tell you about the history of Hungarian Jews throughout the centuries and then the terror of the Second World War. In the Memorial Garden we will see statues to commemorate the victims of the Holocaust and also those heroic persons who saved the lives of thousand of Jews.
Walking in the zig-zag streets of the district we come across signs of Jewish presence (a Mikve, Kosher shops, Judaica stores) and history, the Carl Lutz memorial (Swiss diplomat who saved thousands of lives during WW2), stumbling stones (brass plaques on pavement outside homes of Holocaust victims) You can discover the interesting structure of this district, walking through the Gozsdu Courtyard, passing by the oldest kosher pastry shop where you can taste the famous flodni.
We visit the Shoes on the Bank of the Danube which is a very moving Holocaust memorial.

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“A friend and I visited Budapest in May of 2015 when we were there for a conference. We took a couple of extra days at the beginning to see Budapest, so looked for a tour guide and found Magdi. Her profile was intriguing and we booked a private tour with her. Magdi was sensational!! She picked us up at the hotel and we spent 8 hours each of the next 2 days seeing first the Buda side of the river and then the Pest side. Her personal experience growing up, being educated in and working in Budapest was shared with us as we visited so many, many sites. It was though she knew us and was so in tune with what we liked and wanted to see, we simply walked along with her and enjoyed her vast knowledge of the city, the country and it's complex history. She has enormous energy, exudes a lively spirit and we learned while having fun. Magdi took us to local places and knew exactly where to go and what to do to see everything. We rode buses and trams and underground trams and the Metro. My friend and I both have rheumatoid arthritis and without saying anything to her she slowed our pace or picked it up and always made sure we were on firm footing while we walked. Anyone considering a trip to Budapest will get so much more out of the visit if they see Budapest with Magdi. You will never regret it and you will have wonderful memories. We've since done other tours, and no one can hold a candle to what Magdi offers, because she gives of herself. Budapest will always have a place in my heart because of her!!”

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