What to do in Budapest in the summer? You may face this question while you’re planning your summer trip to the heart of the central European region. Don’t hurry and choose another destination just yet, because Budapest, the city of lights can offer you various things to do.


They don’t call Budapest the city of spas or baths for no reason. Hungary and its capital is famous for its medical thermal baths, so if you’re in for some warm or hot water in the chilly evenings, or maybe even at daytime Budapest has a lot to offer. Just take a look at Gellért bath, Lukács bath or the Széchenyi bath. They look like architectural wonders but don’t let it fool you, these baths have open air pools as well, that are open from May until the end of August,
There are also the famous Turkish baths, like Király and Rudas, which remain from the medieval times when the Turkish Ottoman Empire ruled over Hungary.
If you’re looking for some refreshing, colder pools you may want to take a look at Palatinus bath on the Margaret Island. Trust me, you’ll have a good time there.

Danube cruise

Ever thought of cruising the Danube and taking a look at the beautiful Budapest from a different point of view? Well let me tell you, it’s amazing. It doesn’t matter if you take a cruise by day or by night, the city won’t let you down.
These cruises often serve lunch or dinner, cocktails, wine coffe and whatever beverage you choose, so you won’t even need to pack your bags. The inside of the boats are air-conditioned, so you don’t have to worry about the warm weather either, but the top is usually open, so you can feel the wind of the Danube as well.
My tip is to opt for the evening cruises, as the weather is usually chillier, and you will even see the city of lights at its brightest.

Wine tasting

That’s right, we won’t let the wine lovers down either, Budapest (and Hungary) has a lot to offer on this front as well. Can you imagine a better summer program than going into the cool stone cellars of the Buda Castle in a really hot weather and sipping some of the most amazing wine of your life? Me neither.
This historic cellar can offer you various wine tasting packages with some of Hungary’s best wineries on the menu. My tip is to explore the castle area, take in the beauty of Buda Castle, then relax in the historic cellar with Hungary’s best wines.

Ride the Eye

If you’re in for heights and would like to see Budapest from yet another perspective, then the Budapest Eye will take a spot on your program list. The Ferris wheel is located on Erzsébet square, in the heart of the city. You may want to first walk around and take a look at Deák and Erzsébet square, see the Basilica, after that when you’re getting tired hop on the Ferris wheel and see everything again from a higher viewpoint. Trust me, this way you’ll see Budapest like very few people do.

Opt for a Rooftop Bar

Yet again we’re back to looking at the city from above, but there’s something special about drinking your coffee on the top of a building while everyone is going about their day below you. Sounds good right? Well that’s exactly why rooftop bars are so popular nowadays, everyone wants to have a little of this special feeling.
Have a look at the 360 Bar or go even more luxurious and visit the High Note Skybar, which is considered one of the city’s most deluxe destinations.

Have a picnic on Margaret Island

In my opinion there’s nothing better than spending time in the open with your loved ones and a picnic in the parks of Margaret Island might be one of the best choices for it. You can even have a walking tour on the Island before or after the picnic, as there are areas with lots of flowers, ancient ruins and besides much more there is a fountain which plays songs and “dances” once every hour.
If you’re looking for a chill time with your loved ones I suggest you spending an afternoon, or even a whole day on Margaret Island.